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Meet the Artist

Derek Bonner

Hi, I'm Derek.  I'm a photo and video creative in Frederick County, Maryland.  With 10 years experience, in all things digital media, I have come to hone my craft capturing you how you truly are.

Whether you are a quiet couple, a rambunctious family, school, or start up business, I look forward to capturing what makes you special and showing you and your audience how everything is all just a part of the plan.

Family First

It's one of those things that everybody tells you and you think you know but you really don't until you have one of your own.  I love my wife, and I love my son.  And I would do anything for them.  Perhaps that's why I enjoy capturing these brief moments in time for my clients.  I know exactly how they feel about their loved ones and I want to help them capture these feelings for a lifetime.

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